Why do I have to register? How do you use my login and password?

We ask you to create a login and password for a few reasons:

1) If you have to stop the survey before you are done, you can go back and finish the survey by using the login and password at a later time.

2) If you stop the survey and forget to go back to it we can send you an email to remind you about the survey by using your registration information.

3) If you want to participate in other studies in the future, you can use your login and password to get to these surveys.

4) If you agree, we can use your login to link your data from two or more surveys together. This is important for us to do even better research and understand sexuality on the Internet even better. When you agree, we link data by using your username to find your answers in one study, and attach them to your answers in another study. Doing this linking does not change the anonymity or confidentiality of your answers because only the researcher does this linking. Also, we can only link your data from this survey to other studies conducted by Krystelle Shaughnessy and Sandra Byers that are relevant to the questions being asked in this study.

We will not use your registration information for any other reasons. We will not give your registration information to anyone else. If you answer that you do not want us to link your data to other surveys we will not link your data but you can still fill out the survey.